SCADA as a cloud solution

Technological development is fast, and more and more companies and organizations are choosing a centralized display system (SCADA, HMI, SD) established in a cloud solution. Møre Control AS operates and maintains servers and licenses, and clients are available wherever there is an internet connection.

With an established platform and card development time, you are quickly online, without major licenses and investment costs.


Cloud-based display services are especially relevant when you:

  • has a geographically dispersed facility in need of centralized monitoring
  • is a machine supplier who wants to exchange data with the various facilities.
  • has a local facility, but wants to save on licenses and operating costs.


Full flexibility - no restrictions


Our cloud-based SCADA solutions are full-fledged systems with all the possibilities for customization. They provide access to an unlimited number of clients, and run in a browser on PC, tablet and mobile. The functions of the system are many: Real-time display and control, trend curves, historical log, alarms with email notification, report generator and much more.


We also assist with expertise and equipment for a complete solution.

If you want more information, contact Roar Løken by phone or e-mail.
Roar Løken
Roar Løken
General Manager - Senior Automation Engineer
924 66 746

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