Møre Control

We deliver tailor-made automation solutions for the areas of industry, municipal engineering, infrastructure and the maritime sector.

The goal is always increased efficiency, better safety and reduced costs for the client.


Do you have a specific need, or do you want to know if automation has something to do with your company?

Organizations are different in terms of size, technological level and experience with automation. Our approach is to ensure a good dialogue with mutual understanding and security.

Our assignments range from planning, drawing, building and implementing complete solutions, to contributing expertise in decision-making processes and sub-projects.

Feel free to contact us for a non-committal meeting. With many years of experience in automation, we know how to map needs and challenges. 


Having full control presupposes that you see the whole picture

SCADA, HMI, operation control, SD and several others are all designations of overall operational control.

The display system is the operator's window into the process. In addition to visualizing devices in the process, the system provides monitoring and immediate deviation alarms, data collection and reporting.

Møre Control delivers customized solutions for large and small companies. With long experience, we develop solutions that work well for both operators and operations management.

We offer both local and Sky-based solutions.

Read more about our systems and solutions under Solutions .


Programmable Logic Controls are the very heart of an automated system

PLC processes signals from the sensors in the plant and the orders from the command center. PLC keeps track of logic, security and functionality, and makes things happen as and when they should.

Tender Controls PLC deliveries range from simple relay replacements to large redundant systems with several thousand inputs / outputs in interconnected units.

Programs built on standardized objects for components such as pumps, valves, etc. in the plant, reduce both the development time and the probability of sources of error.


We get the signals with copper, fiber or wireless

Modern automation systems are largely based on communication over TCP / IP networks, wired or wireless. The solutions chosen vary with the plant's size, safety requirements, topography and amount of data.

We provide solutions for data collection on distributed systems over the mobile network, larger redundant network rings with fiber / copper, and modern radio-based solutions via NarrowBand-IoT and LoraWan.


Many let us take care of the technical installations as well

Automatic cabinets, boards, server racks, communication nodes - quantity and size vary, but it is a job to do. Do you have time?

Once we have worked on developing the automation system, we have the best prerequisites for describing the need for technical installations.

Production and installation are carried out by partners we know, and who know how the job is to be done at the agreed time and price. Easily. 


Maintenance and technical support around the clock

Many of our customers have 24-hour production. Of course we are available around the clock for our customers. Through remote access and telephone, most problems are solved quickly. We move out when needed. You will never be left to yourself.

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