Ignition display system

Ignition expands the concept of SCADA by gathering everything you need, in a powerful software solution.

Møre Control AS has been a certified integrator of Inductive's Ignition platform since 2015, with both "Gold Certified" and "Premier Integrator" status. We have delivered plants of all sizes and purposes. Our largest facility to date has impressive figures, including 230,000 tags, 256 PLC 's and 10-15 clients.

Ignition expands the concept of SCADA by gathering everything you need in a powerful software solution.

With Ignition, you can see, control and analyze data like never before. One can build any project, within any industry. Based on the architecture you want.


- All you need to get started is a web browser.

- Can be downloaded and installed in minutes, without the need for drivers

- Serve centrally, manage everything from one place

- Clients are updated at the touch of a button.

- Can be set up in the "cloud" or on a local network

- Runs on all types of PCs, smartphones and tablets.

– Is platform-independent, can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ARM ++


Ignition is a modular platform, which makes it very easy to customize.

New functionality can be added in the same way as you install a new one

application on a smartphone, and this without any kind of "downtime".


Ignition is database-centric. Easy access to databases opens up a whole world of possibilities
for data processing and analysis.

PLC data easily accessible:

Data is stored in a standard SQL database. This means that you can retrieve the data when you need it, and avoid worrying about proprietary storage methods.

Data analysis:

If the data is fragmented, it is difficult to see the whole picture. With Ignition you can collect data in one place and put the information together as you wish.

Easy connection:

Ignition has built-in JDBC (Java Database Connectors) for mySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and many more.

No restrictions:

There are no restrictions on how many databases you can connect to. Why not connect all your databases and gather them in one place?

Real-time control and analysis

Tools to visualize, analyze and react to data. With everything that happens in a facility during the course of a day, the ability to track data is absolutely essential to success. However, all the data in the world is of little use if you do not have the opportunity to:


  • ‍ HMI control : Gives the operator access to real-time monitoring and control.
  • ‍ Customize : Create HMI images that do exactly what you need
  • ‍ Real-time analysis : Tables, graphs, trends, KPI and much more.


  • ‍ Real time : Email, SMS or Voice SMS
  • ‍ Alarm configuration : Flexible setup allows you to tailor alarms to your needs.
  • ‍ Alarm Journals : All the data you need is preserved and easily accessible.
  • ‍ Schedule/rotation : Who should have alarms and when?


– Dynamic PDF reports

– Automatic reports : Month, day, year etc (print, save, e-mail, ftp ++)

Digital storage : paperless = environmentally friendly.

Data collection

- History : Built-in high-performance historical logger.

- Data logging : Log data using easily configurable transaction groups

- Store & Forward : Ensures that data is not lost.

Rapid development and distribution

Ignition has fast, object-oriented development tools designed to save time.

Innovation tools

- Innovative : Create projects that have never been possible before

- Customize : Build applications around the company's business model

- Versatile : Gather all parts of the business into one system.

Designer tools (Ignition Designer)

- Stand number of developers at the same application.

- Save time!

Drawing tools

- Vector 2D : Draw all curves and shapes directly in Ignition

- SVG : Drag and drop .svg files

- Symbol library

- Animation : Use dynamic properties to create animations.

Scripting: Create advanced functionality with Python scripting.

Stability and safety

Ignition gives you a safe and reliable control system.

Based on a solid modular platform, built on industrial-grade security technology with built-in redundancy.


- Unified architecture : No impact from operating system updates etc.

- Redundancy : Data is not lost if a server fails.

- Fast system recovery : Minimal time to recover system in case of hardware crash.

- Thoroughly tested : Ignition is continuously checked by the developers and is subjected to strict tests, to ensure stability and performance.

SSL Technology

- SSL encryption : The same technology used for online banking and most other private online services.

- Modern protocols : Adapt Ignition to existing security rules, without having to change your network.


- Ignition has built-in monitoring which means that administrators have full insight into what has happened.

Client approval

Roles : Role-based security model. Users are linked to a role that defines the level of access. Add security level to screens, buttons or other components.

- Manage users : Users can be located locally in the project, or they can be stored in an external database, or perhaps a combination of both.

Microsoft Active Directory

- If you already have all your users in AD, Ignition can be interfaced directly.


What is unique about Ignition is that you pay for the server, and not based on the number of tags, clients or designers.

Unlimited number of clients

- Simultaneous clients : Run as many clients as you want

- Access for all : Unlimited access to important information

- Focus on development : Save time and money on creating applications that make your business more efficient.

Unlimited number of tags

Retrieve information from all devices without thinking about cost

Unlimited number of links

Databases : MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle ++

- PLC : direct drivers or via OPC DA / UA

Devices : Scanners, scales, flowmeters ++

- MES and ERP : Ignition works seamlessly against any MES or ERP system.

Unlimited growth

Ignition grows with your business. With Ignition, you pay once and do not have to worry about new costs if you need more clients, tags, links or other devices.

If you want more information, contact Roar Løken by phone or e-mail.
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Roar Løken
General Manager - Senior Automation Engineer
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