Why choose Ignition SCADA system and Møre Control AS as integrator?

Ignition has challenged the market with a completely new way of thinking. Forget about counting the number of tags, clients and connections. You buy a license for the server and don't have to worry about breaking any limits later. For smaller installations where you do not need unlimited modules, these can also be limited. Ignition costs from USD 1500 and up. On larger facilities, the model for an unlimited number of tags and clients will mean that Ignition has an advantage in terms of price.

Ignition is built for modern industrial applications with safety at the fore. We can mention, among others, HTML5, CSS, MQTT, OPC UA, API, AD and BankID. The software can be installed on both Windows, Linux and MacOS. The clients, which are based on HTML5, can be opened on all devices, mobile, tablet and PC. On mobile, GPS, NFC and the camera can also be integrated into our applications. Imagine that you park outside one of the company's many stations, and the system already knows where you are and opens the right window. Scan the pump's QR code with the camera to open the detail image, write a journal and attach photos. All from one and the same app.

One of our larger solutions is at Tafjord Kraftvarme AS. With a network of more than 44 kilometers of pipes, district heating from the energy recovery plant covers approx. 25% of Ålesund's heating needs, corresponding to more than 9,500 households. We have delivered and operate Ignition for central monitoring and control and the facility's key figures are around 10 simultaneous clients, 240,000 tags and 275 PLCs.

A more technical overview of what Ignition can offer can be found here: https://www.morecontrol.no/losninger/ignition

Photo: Tafjord Kraftvarme AS


We can also offer our solutions as a subscription service in the cloud. With our solutions for communication, we can obtain data from most types of facilities and applications via a secure connection to our systems. We also offer complete solutions for sensors and control. If desired, we can deliver a solution that is "branded" with your own colors, graphics and domain. For example, app.brusautomaten.no - for a complete overview of vending machines and inventory in all your soda machines.

If you want to try one of our solutions, you can click on the link https://login.mlabel.no and select "Register".

Our employees have gone through training and passed an exam with Inductive for Gold certification. This is the highest certification of developers. We have used Ignition as our preferred platform since 2015 and have sold over 80 Ignition systems. With good knowledge of the software and automation, we can both shorten the development time and build efficient and user-friendly solutions that give the customer a greater benefit.

We are a Premier integrator in Inductive's Integrator program.

Becoming an Ignition Premier Integrator – the highest level in the program – is no easy feat and requires the integrator to consistently produce high-quality work, achieve an impressive amount of Ignition sales, and be an active participant in the Ignition community. Premier integrators have demonstrated a deep commitment to their customers and the Ignition community.

We are also proud to be on Inductive's Top-100 list of best-selling Integrators worldwide! https://inductiveautomation.com/integrators/top100

Last, and not least, our most important argument: Our employees have worked with controls and display systems for decades and have the right skills to deliver quality at the right time.

If you want more information, contact Roar Løken by phone or e-mail.
Roar Løken
General Manager - Senior Automation Engineer
924 66 746

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